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Mega-Tech provides emergency vehicle lighting, automated license plate recognition systems, speed enforcement, in-car video systems, and much more for the public safety and construction industries. Mega-Tech offers not only sales, but service and installation as well – all across Canada! Warranty support is offered by factory trained technicians along with repair services. With all of these great offerings, SOS Media Corp created a web development and marketing plan to gain Mega-Tech a whole new audience.


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What we did for Mega-Tech

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Web Development & Design


  • WordPress: Mega-Tech was built using WordPress and has a sleek layout that makes navigation a breeze! We brought together vibrant images, big and bold text, call-to-actions that stand out, and a simplistic menu system. With the client in mind, we tackled every angle of the sales funnel so that no question or request would be left unresolved.
  • Easy Navigation & Prominent Call to Actions: When viewing from desktop, there is a general menu along the top of the website, a product menu to the left, and an image-based menu filling the remainder of the screen. On mobile, the general menu opens up upon clicking “menu” in the top right, the product-based menu opens up when the user clicks the three dots in the top left, and the image-based menu appears when scrolling down the website. The product-based menu has a drop down that allows the user to select the particular item that they are looking for (ie. speed measurement). The other portion of the menu is accordion-style; that is, it expands into more sub-categories upon clicking “+”. The website has breadcrumbs, which allows the user to trace where they are in the website. For example, if they click “Vehicle Lighting” and then “Lightbars”, a mini-menu will appear above the images that shows the path that the user has taken to get to that page. At any given time, the social links, toll-free number, and menus are all visible on the website.
  • reCAPTCHA: Contacting the team at Mega-Tech is easy! The user can click “Contact” at the top of the website or scroll to the very bottom of any page to view the form. We integrated reCAPTCHA with the contact forms to protect the website from spam. Likewise, the user is able to request a quote by going to the page of any individual product and filling out the form – the product name fills out automatically in the form! The reCAPTCHA integration is also present on these pages.


  • Brochure Download: Each product page has the option to “Download Product Brochure”. This is perfect for the client to keep on-hand and refer back to!
  • Social Media Links: Social links are included at the top of the website that lead the user to the Facebook and Google+ pages… soon-to-be LinkedIn!
  • Vendor Slider: Along the bottom of each webpage is a slider that lists all of the product vendors for Mega-Tech.


  • Responsive on Mobile: The Mega-Tech website is completely responsive on mobile devices. The social links, toll-free number, and menus are always visible.

Online Marketing

Social Media Management


For Mega-Tech, SOS Media Corp manages the Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn pages. We primarily create and monitor ads to garner page likes on Facebook.

Google AdWords

Our AdWords specialist creates and maintains search campaigns for Mega-Tech.