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Kira Isabella — Sony Music Canada

When we hear the name Sony, it speaks for itself. They are an extremely strong brand with products and services ranging from computers/electronics to artist management. Luckily for us, we were given the opportunity to work with Sony on promoting their newest talent in 2011, Kira Isabella.

About Kira Isabella

From the early age of only 7 years old; Kira Isabella had the musical makings of a star. Her deep love of music was made apparent at that young age, when she was already singing along to country classics and turning heads in her home town of Ottawa, Ontario. She was signed by Sony Music in 2009 and Kira’s first single, “Love Me Like That” available on iTunes and on “Country Heat 2012”, was released in 2011 and charted on the Canadian Hot 100.

What we did for Kira

  • Interview
  • Graphic Design of an Article

Through our publishing connections we found an opportunity to showcase Kira through a one-on-one interview and editorial insertion in a national magazine. We ran the two page spread across Canada in over 250,000 copies, highlighting her road to success and plans for the future. This story reached out to readers on a personal level highlighting youth empowerment through Kira’s astounding accomplishments and her down to earth, real life personality.

This year, Sony Music Canada has asked us to meet with their upcoming Canadian artists and once again, interview and compose personal tributes to these hard working, determined, future superstars. To follow our reporters and keep up to date with the newest articles, be sure to check us out on Twitter @SOSMEDIACORP and Facebook @SOS MEDIA Corporation