How To Write A Promoted Post

How To Write A Promoted Post

How To Write A Promoted Post

So, you’re ready to make your big Instagram/Facebook ad debut.

The possibilities of advertising on these platforms are endless.

(But so are the possibilities to flop…IF you don’t do it right).

Which is why you have come to the trusty blog of SOS Media Corp to consult with our team of *cough* DIGITAL MARKETING GENIUSES *cough* to help.

I would love to play it cool and humble here…but social media is a BEAST.

The ‘changing algorithms, fierce competition, and oversaturation’ kind of beast.

So if you’re ready to break into Instagram and/or Facebook sponsored posts, then take notes.


Your first line is going to make or break the reader’s attention. Which means – YOU GOTTA GO IN WITH A BANG.

Some of our favourite tips: relate to your reader or appeal to their pain point. We especially like opening the conversation with a question.

(EX: “Sleepless nights?” Cue: buy this lavender essential oil!)


Use less than 20% text.

The caption is for chatting – not the image.

This graphic, video or A1 photo should have the power to engage your audience immediately.

QUOTE: You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.

Are you feeling the pressure?


You need to go in with intent. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Do you want more people to visit your profile? Do you want people to just know who you are? Are you trying to sell a product?

You must know your purpose.

In life…but mostly online.


(AKA “CTA” for the digital marketers out there)

You have to be aware of what your primary goal is. Call your audience to that.

Isn’t it so bizarre that consumers are more likely to do something if they are TOLD TO?

If I get an email from my favourite clothing store saying “Buy this dress today!” I typically respond with: “Don’t twist my rubber arm!”


Who are you targetting, and what are you trying to sell?

If you have an eye cream company, then don’t target 65-year-old male lawyers.

If you are selling a picture frame to PERFECTLY FRAME YOUR PhD, then don’t use an 18-year-old influencer as the face of your campaign (or sponsored post).

Know your audience. Know your target. Let your audience relate to YOU or your product.


And there you have it: FIVE unreal tips for making the perfect boosted post on our friendly beast, social media.

Now all you need to learn is how actually to boost your post.

But…that’s our job.

Stay digital,

SOS Media Corp

S h a r e M e !