How Instagram Can Help Your Business

How Instagram Can Help Your Business

How Instagram Can Help Your Business

Instagram App

The mobile app, known as Instagram, has become one of the most popular social media apps available. It enables users to create a unique edit of a photo and share it from cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Different filters and stickers are readily accessible to make each photograph a one of a kind snapshot. Individual users, as well as business owners, are able to incorporate their personal styles to show a piece of their world and share it within seconds with millions.  There is no cost to create an account, and management is simple. Here are a few ways Instagram can help your company grow.

Competitions are perfect ways to increase customers

Holding competitions allows business owners to enhance interactions with their current clientele and create a good rapport to attract potential customers. In most cases, a winner is chosen at random after followers have entered into the contest by following established rules. Another form of broadening the net of customers is by having the business participate in giveaways. In some cases, the account holder will offer discounted photo shoots for customers, who in turn give the account publicity by tagging friends and family to the main account. Visitors are happy to receive the chance to win free or discounted products. Happy customers are more than willing to share the business experience with friends and family.

Expand with small but effective hashtags

Hashtags help users to tag organizations, pages, and people to various photos. The amount of hashtags on one particular photo has the limit of 30. Many celebrities, bloggers, and business owners use this method to effectively expand their brand. After clicking on the hashtag, users are able to see other photos that have the exact same hashtag. Unique hashtags can be created for special events such as fundraisers, weddings, or competitions in order to reach as many people as possible. Although hashtags do not appear to be much, they are quite effective at connecting and sharing products or ideas with potential clients.

Photographs are worth a million words

Many creative and inspiring marketing campaigns have been created with storytelling through photographs. Instagram gives users the opportunity to create collages and make stories with their photos. Riveting photos have become increasingly important for Instagram accounts. Users young and old are compelled to follow, like, and share accounts that are neat, organized, and have a way of telling the story of the journey of a particular business.

Story time

Instagram has recently added the feature of sharing “stories” online that create the perfect opportunity to broadcast new products. These stories are small videos of around 15 seconds or individual posts that can be seen by followers for the next 24 hours before disappearing. Stories are the perfect tool to advertise giveaways and other business updates. The account who shares the story is able to see who views or screenshots the post. At the bottom right of each story is the option to send the story to anyone. This allows for current news to be shared quickly and effectively among users. Users can share a live story by recording and show what is being seen in real time. This feature allows followers to interact directly with the business and give feedback by leaving comments as the video is being shown.

Instagram is inexpensive, and it is an easy way for small businesses to promote productivity. The world of business is constantly evolving. It is imperative to keep abreast of the different marketing tools available. Instagram is a perfect modern-day tool that allows small business owners to reach a wide range of clients.

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