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HighMark Mechanical


Highmark Mechanical Inc. is a top-flight provider of comprehensive engineering services to the oilfield industry. From its base in Lac La Biche, Highmark has been serving oil and pipeline enterprises throughout Northeastern Alberta since 2008. The company operates a machine shop as well as purveying a wide range of services on-site and in the field, including metal fabrication, drive shaft repair, millwright services, pad swapping, portable line boring, and hydraulic cylinder refurbishment and repair.


How We’ve Helped Highmark Mechanical Inc.

Like many customers of SOS Media Corp, Highmark Mechanical Inc. came to us originally via a referral back in 2013. Initially, Highmark engaged us for an integrated marketing and media initiative which included radio media buying. The working relationship grew, however, and we have since worked together on a number of print, online, outdoor, and radio marketing projects. Upon learning of our expertise in providing social media management to Edmonton businesses, Highmark enlisted us to handle their social media strategy and tactics.

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Website Design and Development

Most recently, we have had the pleasure of working on graphic design for Highmark Mechanical Inc. and also in developing the company’s corporate website. Highmark was looking for a company offering responsive web design in Edmonton and other Alberta locations. As a result of our successful marketing and social media relationship with Highmark, SOS Media Corp. secured the project and went straight to work on enhancing our client’s online profile.

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Website Features

As a business-to-business organization, Highmark Mechanical Inc. needed a website that would get them found by oil industry customers and prospects. The company wanted to help customers find them not only online, but also geographically. As an industrial company, our client wanted a site that was clean and without frills but set out in a clear, concise, and practical format.

highmark-Web features-1

  • WordPress CMS. Like most customers who have sought us out for outstanding web design and development in Edmonton and its surrounds, Highmark Mechanical wanted to create a site that would be easy to maintain and update without needing to call on professional developers for every minor site alteration. With its enduring reputation for intuitive and user-friendly content management, WordPress was the obvious choice.
  • Responsive and Interactive Design. Although simplicity was important for this client, there was an overarching need to utilize a web design that would not handicap mobile device users. Therefore we applied a responsive site design, easily navigable on small form-factor devices. Sufficient interactive features were included to ensure business customers could fully appreciate the range of services offered by Highmark.

highmark-Web features-2

  • Gallery Integration. Our client was very keen to showcase the quality of their workmanship. However, rather than have a single gallery page, Highmark wanted to integrate galleries into each topic page so customers and prospects could easily see the level of professionalism and quality they might expect. We integrated the galleries using straightforward WordPress shortcodes, enabling the client to change images quickly and easily when required.
  • Embedded Google Map. For any business website, helping customers locate and navigate physically to the correct geographic location is a must. Using shortcode technology, we embedded a fully interactive Google map into the contact page of Highmark’s website.
  • Contact Form. This client was particularly concerned about avoiding timewasters and spam. This is a typical issue for commercial websites, since wasted time is always wasted money. To ensure spam didn’t become an issue for Highmark Mechanical Inc., we added Captcha protection to the company’s web contact form.

Graphic Design


In keeping with our reputation for professional web design in Edmonton, SOS Media Corp created a website that was clean and well-organized, as per the wishes of our client. However, clean doesn’t have to mean uninspiring, as can be seen by visitors to the Highmark Mechanical Inc. pages. Each topic page is anchored by a large, impressive industrial-style logo which commands attention without dominating the site content.

As well as the distinctive logo, we designed custom icons to help customers identify with each of the services provided by our client. Otherwise, the Highmark web pages are light on graphical features, which would only confuse the appearance of this industrial site. Rather than create flashy graphics, our client prefers to let images and clear, concise content paint a picture of quality and reliability for site visitors.

Copy Writing

Highmark Mechanical Inc. has developed an implicit trust of SOS Media Corp, engaging us to provide a wide range of media and marketing services. In addition to designing and developing our client’s website and its graphics, we also provide the written content that engages and informs visitors to Highmark’s business pages.

While explaining services plainly and clearly to customers and prospects who arrive on our client’s pages, our copy writing includes another facet of our expertise for which we have become well known: search engine optimization that Edmonton business-owners know will keep their websites where they want them—at the top of the SERPS page rankings.

Marketing and Advertising

Commercial websites are all about marketing. The key to a successful online presence is to attract and retain visitors, inform them and gently persuade, rather than cajole them to engage in transactions that generate profit for the site owners. As Highmark Mechanical Inc. has discovered over the last two years, online marketing through websites and social media is most effective when integrated with other forms of marketing, such as radio commercials and outdoor advertising campaigns.

Highmark has seen and realized the benefits of integrated marketing and especially, of having one provider cover all their online and offline marketing activity. Like many of our satisfied clients, Highmark understands that SOS Media Corp. does much more than provide web design for Edmonton businesses. Our services extend across a wide range of media applications for customers throughout the expansive province of Alberta.

Helping clients like Highmark Mechanical Inc. reach new customers and see increases in scale and profitability provides great satisfaction for our team. Every project we take on is a new opportunity to extend our expertise, while contributing to Canadian business excellence.