Google Releases Its Second Pirate Update

Google Releases Its Second Pirate Update

Google Releases Its Second Pirate Update

Google Has Released Its Second Pirate Update

Google has announced that the second update of “Pirate” has been rolled out this week. Pirate’s main objective is high filters on piracy. Google penalizes websites that embark upon copyright infringement. Such sights will begin to see a major drop in their rankings, or may even be dropped completely from the search engine. Torrent sites have typically been the main target in this update, and a major change to their search ranking has already begun to take place.

Why is the Pirate Update 2 important for Google and Google Users?

Google’s strong relationship with the music industry and its partner relationship with YouTube has set the playing field for the importance of tightening down on piracy. Their main goal is to visibly affect the rankings of the most notorious websites on the internet, making it more difficult for their websites to appear in search.

How does the new Google Pirate Algorithm Work?

The new measure penalizes websites that receive a large volume of take-down requests. Millions of visitors are being lost to these pirate websites. Over 11,000,600 notorious URLs were requested to be removed during the past week.

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