Facebook Messenger is the New Email Marketing

Facebook Messenger is the New Email Marketing

Facebook Messenger is the New Email Marketing

How many marketing emails do you get every day?


I mean, SO many people do it because it works.But how many lame emails do you have to scroll through in the morning? Half of them probably don’t even sink in because the competition is so fierce.

Imagine people actually reading the epic sh*t you send out because you’re ahead of the trends.

News flash: today can be the day that people are reading the epic sh*t you send out because Facebook Messenger can be used just like email newsletters (but, like, cooler).

There are many programs that integrate with Facebook Messenger like ManyChat. ManyChat is a ***POWERFUL*** social media marketing tool that can be used to build messenger bots, broadcast messages, generate new leads and followers, and overall connect with your audience on a personal level.

Messenger Marketing is the use of mobile chat platforms that initiates conversations about products and services with potential customers.

Similar to email marketing, with Messenger Marketing you have subscribers that you can connect with and send out mass messages about promotions, events, and more! So how do you get subscribers? GET CHATTING! Once connected to ManyChat, followers can opt-in as a subscriber just by starting a conversation on Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Apps are seamless and easy to use. By comparing it to email there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Email is messy, ever looked a full inbox and felt anxiety? Yup, we’ve all been there. Second, email has the potential threat of viruses and spam. We get unwanted emails every day! The trust factor with email continues to decline. Finally, emails tend to have too much text and it takes a lot of work to open, read and engage with the email itself. Sometimes the email might not be formatted for mobile devices either making it super hard to read. Messenger Marketing wins just in the sense the open rate is 4x higher and 8x higher click-through rate!


(Hella neat)

There’s no denying we’re moving away from standard email marketing and moving towards more mobile-friendly apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook reported that businesses send 20 billion messages per month through Messenger, up from 2 billion in 2017.


So how can you use Facebook Messenger with your social media marketing? WHERE DO I BEGIN?!?!

  • Lead Generation – start a conversation with potential customers who may be interested in your service or product. Messenger bots can come in handy by creating preformatted questions and answers.
  • Book appointments
  • Job Recruitment
  • Giveaways – This is a great way to increase engagement and build your subscriber list.
  • Send out messages about new offers or promotions
  • Increase event attendance by letting your fans know directly
  • E-commerce – send out order updates about delivery and shipping. Engage potential shoppers by showing feature products
  • You can even implement buttons on your website to get chats started with people looking at your site!


Just in case you need more proof in the pudding, we recently used ManyChat to run a giveaway with River Cree Resort and Casino for one of their upcoming shows. The results were impressive!

Through a social media post, we gave people the chance to win 4 show tickets and meet & greet passes. To enter, users had to comment a specific phrase “I Like to Party” on a Facebook post and they would immediately get a message in their FB Messenger inbox letting them know they’ve been entered and follow up with additional entry details including “like” the River Cree Resort & Casino page and tag a friend on the giveaway post. Once they finished those steps they were then asked to click “Done!”

Each contest entrant has now become a messenger subscriber, allowing us to reach out to them directly on Facebook for future events and promotions! Therefore, once the contest was finished, we sent out a broadcast message following up to the contest entrants that there was a BOGO sale for tickets to the show.


  • Post Comments: 857
  • Messenger Subscribers: 346
  • Clicks to Buy Tickets: 28


What’s to come?

“Video is a growing area for Messenger and the app reported that 410 million people connect over video chats every month. Messenger is testing a video feature that allows people to watch videos together in real-time, similar to Facebook’s Watch Party feature, and is also rolling out a desktop app for Messenger. The company did not give an exact date for the launches but said they will roll out later this year.” – Business Insider

SO – to wrap up:



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