Essential Components of a Landing Page for High Conversion Rates

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Whether your company is in the service industry or sales industry, The end goal of most websites is to generate profit.. So how do you get your viewers to engage with your website so ultimately turn leads into sales?

You do this through the use of landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is web page on your website that you drive traffic to with a goal of having your customers perform some kind of action that leads to sales. The landing page is used to generate and measure conversions on your website.

What Components are Needed for a Great Landing Page?

  1. Each landing page must encourage users to perform a specific action.
  1. Call to Action buttons are used to entice viewers to performing those actions. For example, you may wish them to “fill out a form”, “request a quote” “contact us today”, “donate now”, “download now” etc. Large call to action buttons are used to encourage viewers to perform a desired action. These actions must benefit your viewer in some way.


  1. Powerful headline.
    Your headlines should be obvious. There should be no guessing as to what your webpage is oging ot be about, and it shouldn’t be misleading either, otherwise your viewers will bounce off your website Your headline is used to grab your readers attention, it’s what will peek your interest to check out your website.
  2. Your landing page should be used to drive traffic to other areas of your website.
    Campaigns use landing pages to bring people to your website, but what they do on your website is most important. Your call to action buttons can have viewers perform an action directly on your landing page, but at some point they should lead viewers to other areas of your website to keep them on your website for a little while. Generating a high number of hits is important, but the length of time viewers stay on your website is incredibly important for domain authority as well.
  3. landing-page-anatomy

  4. Keep content to a minimum.
    Don’t give all of the information away on your landing page; keep your viewers wanting more. This will help encourage them to perform an action or be forced to dig further into the rest of your website. Your landing pages should be interesting, brief and to the point. Minimum and intriguing content is key. Once they have performed an action on your website, you have the ability to reach out to them further to follow up and turn that lead into a sale.
  5. Your landing page must be Measurable.
    The point of landing pages is to generate leads, so make sure you are measuring your conversions with Google Analytics. Create goals in Google Analytics to track the amount of times your forms are filled out or actions are taken. Google Analytics will help you further develop your campaigns to generate the most conversions.

Optional: Testimonials and Dynamic Content.
It can be beneficial to include testimonials on your landing pages. This gives your viewers reason that they should further invest their time into your product or service.

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