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Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos

Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos is a one-stop limited edition book created by Epic Legacies in conjunction with The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club. The book documents everything from the beginnings of the Edmonton Eskimos to the rare stories and photographs throughout the years. Some of the proceeds from each copy sold go toward the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club, which is community-owned. SOS Media Corp created a beautiful, stand-out e-commerce website that makes every step of the purchasing funnel easy and exciting for the user.


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What we did for Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Web Design & Development


  • WordPress: SOS Media Corp built using WordPress. The menu along the top has very straight-forward pages: Home, About, and Contact. The menu at the bottom of the screen takes you to Shipping, Refunds, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions. On mobile, the top menu opens when clicking the three horizontal lines – the bottom menu remains in the same place.
  • Bold & Beautiful Design: Green, gold, and white – the colours of the Edmonton Eskimos – are the prominent colours throughout the website. The first thing that you may notice when you visit is the bold, beautiful design. A sliding menu, which fills up the screen, alternates between the promotions of winning a trip for two to the Grey Cup as well as the broken-down payment options for purchasing the book.


  • Custom Reporting: We configured weekly reporting of book sales; the numbers of which are updated three times per day. This is a simple and convenient way for the manager to review sales.
  • Custom Fan-Photo Upload: Up until the end of July, people had the option to upload their fan photos to the website – a book purchase was necessary to do so. These photos would then be reviewed for the chance to be featured in Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos.


  • PayPal WooCommerce: The integration of PayPal WooCommerce allows for online purchases and payment plans. For example, you could spend $249 on the book right now, or pay only $50 and the rest in October. The style of this was made vibrant and visually attractive – something you don’t often see with e-commerce.
  • Easy to Update, Training: The team at the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club are able to update the text and sliders with images all on their own!
  • Social Media Links: The links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are included on the website. For desktop, on the homepage, these can be found halfway down the page – white links contrasted against a grey background. On all other pages of the website, they are in the top left of the screen. On mobile, these links are always found in the top left of the page.

epiclegacies-responsiveResponsive on Mobile


The website for Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos is completely compatible on mobile devices. The “Buy Now” button is present at all times on the website.



Social Media


Social Media Management

SOS Media Corp manages the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos in order to garner leads and consequential conversions.

Google Analytics & UTM Link Tracking

We used UTM Link Tracking to trace where people on came from, how they navigated the website, if they bounced, or if they made a conversion. This technique allows us to measure the effect that each social platform has on conversions. Furthermore, we can adjust where our ad dollars are being spent to best optimize for sales.

Facebook Remarketing & Custom Audience Development

Audiences on Facebook were created based on website traffic, video engagement, and targeted interests; in this case, Edmonton Eskimos fans. We efficiently target ads to these specific audiences as part of our social strategy.