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EIE Medi Spa

The European Institute of Esthetics MediSpa & Laser Training Centre – EIE Medi Spa for short – is a prolific and well-known esthetician school in Edmonton that provides diploma, certification, and technician programs. The founder, Inge Patton, has strong roots in the esthetic industry and began developing curriculums for professionals across the world in 1985. Amid the hard work and many awards came EIE Medi Spa. With such a successful business, going unnoticed was not an option. That is why, for EIE Medi Spa, SOS Media Corp handled their social media, Google AdWords, and call tracking.


What we did for EIE Medi Spa

Social Media

For EIE Medi Spa, SOS Media Corp manages Facebook and Instagram. This is facilitated through scheduled posts that advertise the various programs, products used, and any updates in between! All advertising is targeted to a select audience based on interests, age, gender, and location. Depending on what audiences are performing best, we will refine them down even further (ie. females aged 17-25 in Edmonton). Below, we touch upon how using remarketing tactics also assists us in improved targeting.


Google Analytics & UTM Link Tracking

When creating ads, we want to make sure that we can prove their effectiveness. All too often do successful results not gain the credit that they deserve. As such, anytime an ad contains a URL, we make sure to tag it with UTM parameters. Any actions and conversions taken place as a result of your ad will be tracked and reported in Google Analytics!

Facebook Remarketing & Custom Audience Development

When prospective students visit the EIE Medi Spa website (, a Facebook pixel “fires”, which means that person has been tracked as visiting the website. This information relays back to Facebook where SOS Media Corp can further create an audience from these people, meaning that ads can be tailored and targeted to people who have been on the website already.


Call Tracking & Google AdWords

Call Tracking

Call tracking is a very unique feature that traces and records a phone call. This is great for not only traceability and conversion tracking, but for staff training as well (ie. proper phone etiquette). A unique phone number is assigned to the actual phone number and is kept in a database. Using this unique phone number, we add it to our Google AdWords ads and all other social platforms. As soon as someone hits the call to action on any ad that instigates a phone call, it starts to track and record it.


Google AdWords

The main goal of Google Adwords for EIE Medi Spa is to increase the attendance to their esthetic diploma programs. When you search “Esthetic Program Edmonton”, for example, there is a very likely chance of you seeing an EIE Medi Spa ad. This is a great addition to EIE’s marketing plan as it captures opportunities from every angle; AdWords, social media, and call tracking.