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City Centre Wellness

City Centre Wellness is a very successful therapeutic massage therapy clinic that is situated within World Health Edmonton City Centre. Their primary target audience is the working demographic in the downtown core, catching them before and after work as well as on lunch breaks. City Centre Wellness values proper and holistic management of daily stresses and pains in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taking this into consideration, SOS Media Corp got to work developing a website that would deliver functionality fitting to City Centre Wellness’ requirements.


What we did for City Centre Wellness

Web Design & Development

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Web Features

citycentrewellness-Web features-1

  • WordPress: The City Centre Wellness website was fully developed on WordPress. Selecting WordPress was a no-brainer, since we can create a versatile website while allowing for the client to easily manage the text and images without any coding knowledge.
  • Easy Navigation & Prominent Call to Actions: The navigation bar along the top of the City Centre Wellness website makes it very clear which page you are going to. Whether you want to know more about the business, learn about the experience of the therapists, read up on the offered services and prices, and more – it’s all at the top! When you scroll to the bottom of any page on the website, you will see the options on the bottom-right to call City Centre Wellness (clickable phone number on mobile) and email them (click “Email Us”), which opens up your email provider upon clicking.

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  • Online Booking with Healcode MINDBODY Integration: We can all agree that nobody likes to jump to several pages to get a task done. With the Healcode MINDBODY Integration, you are able to book your appointment right on the City Centre Wellness website. If you are a new client, you can register your information directly on the “Book Online” page before searching up your therapist of choice and type of service. Alternatively, you can continue with booking and then log in to your already-established account in the pop-up!
  • Social Media Links: The City Centre Wellness website has four links in the top right of the page that link to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

citycentrewellness-Web features-3

  • Responsive on Mobile: A majority of our online actions occur on mobile devices nowadays. If you feel neck pain on your walk to work, for example, you may whip out your smartphone and book a massage then and there. You could not do this with such ease if the City Centre Wellness website was not compatible with yourmobile device.

Email Marketing




City Centre Wellness, over the years, has accumulated an impressive mailing list. There is no way that we could ignore the potential existing within it! Each month, the SOS Media Corp designs and pushes out an email blast to all of City Centre Wellness’ clients via MailChimp.

Social Media


Social Media Management

It is crucial for businesses to be on social media nowadays. However, it is more than simply “having a Facebook Page”. Managing social media means being on top of incoming messages and comments as well as scheduling engaging posts and ads. Creating ads and monitoring them over time allows us to refine our target audience and analyze where ad dollars are being spent. We go as far as to import the email list that we mentioned above into Facebook to remarket to an already-dedicated audience. This works in our favour when we decide to advertise special promotions to those who have been long-standing clients.

Facebook Remarketing & Custom Audience Development

To create more effective and responsive audiences, our web developer added a Facebook pixel, which is a snipped of code that allows us to track visitors to the webpage. Using this information, we can create custom audiences that we target ads to. Not only does this make ads much more relevant to Facebook users, but it is an efficient way to spend the advertising budget of City Centre Wellness. From there, we can go as far as to create lookalike audiences and analyze audience insights of website visitors.

Photo & Video Production

It is one thing to post a cute picture of a cat getting a massage on social media, but it is another to show office culture – especially at a therapeutic massage clinic. SOS Media Corp wanted City Centre Wellness to stand way beyond the competition, so we created how-to stretching videos, fun Q&A videos, and took team photos, which we keep up-to-date. Check them out below!*