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The Insta-guide to Instagram

We all know and love Instagram—our beloved photo-sharing app—but Instagram is loaded with features and functions that will take your brand to the next level. Instagram is all about producing a brand that viewers can both interact with and enjoy.


Getting Started

Although it may seem obvious, being both an active consumer and an active producer on Instagram is crucial to generating a loyal following. Invest in Instagram by liking and commenting on others’ photos: this will get you noticed by the brand and other followers.

Public Domain

By allowing public access to your account and varying the types of content you produce, your Instagram account will be accessible, engaging, and inviting. Post photos, videos, organic content, as well as reposts from others in a similar realm to show support.


While you want your content to be unique, you also need to make it salient for your audience. Trends come and go, but social media is an immediate source of knowledge, and trends are essential to ensuring your content is current and accessible. Using keywords in your posts and generating popular hashtags will help you gain exposure and interest within the network.

Getting Featured

One of the best ways to increase your reach and get noticed on Instagram is to get featured. Getting featured is when your work is showcased on a larger curation (featured/popular) account. The key to getting featured on one of these curation accounts is to echo the kind of content that your intended curation account produces. You want your content to be eye-catching and unique while following the style and depth of your mentor account. Additionally, you will have to know the guidelines and hashtags that your curation account uses. Begin tagging them in your photos that feature their brand or ideals. Give shout-outs and join forces with similar accounts in your field.

If you want to keep up with your curation account, you can turn on notifications by going to their profile, clicking on a photo, expanding the three dots on the bottom right-hand side, and clicking “Turn on Post Notifications.” This way, you will get notified when they post content, making it easier to interact with the brand and its content.


Timing and Frequency

Based on the content and motive of your Instagram account, posting times will be crucial. In general, Wednesdays and Thursdays show the most engagement on social media sites, while 7pm-9pm is often the best time to post. You want to predict (and research) when your target audience will be engaged on Instagram. Furthermore, aim to post once or twice a day. You will remain visible to your audience without spamming them with content.


Instagram posts are intended to grab your viewer’s attention within seconds through photographs and/or short captions. Highlight the essence of your post on the main frame, and educate your audience or provide further background information by posting a link in your bio (note that URLs appear as plain text in posts, so invite viewers to check out the link in your bio) that exposes viewers to a blog or article.

Another way to gain exposure is to explore other posts near your location. Find the “Near Current Location” tab under a place search to see what is trending in and around your location: gain both insight and exposure by incorporating this insider knowledge to your posts.

Although Instagram is competitive, it’s important to remember that it is an online community that fosters relationships and generates networks. So get out there and post your way to success!


Written by Megan Hall



Effective Social Media Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Marketing EdmontonEighty percent of buyers are scouring the Web for their future homes while 83 percent want to view pictures of real estate properties online, according to software and service firm Contactually. In addition, approximately 91 percent of realtors are already leveraging social media to draw prospective property buyers. Thus, there is not much room for slacking off. You need to boost your digital marketing approach each and every time. Here are top tips and tricks to help make your day-to-day forays in social media consistently successful.

Match the Content with the Platform

Instagram is the best social networking platform for showcasing those breathtakingly staged open-house photos of yours. The same is true for Pinterest. Twitter, on the other hand, is great at positioning yourself as a consummate expert. When tweeting, have concise talking points that pulse with insight. It also helps greatly to align yourself among the top players in real estate. Meanwhile, your YouTube and Pinterest accounts can feature well-made walkthrough videos of the properties you are selling.

Use appropriate hashtags sparingly and efficiently so you don’t sound like a robot. Zillow, a Seattle-based real estate marketplace, has identified some of the most important keywords for realtors. Examples include #RealEstate, #HouseHunting, #HomesForSale, #Mortgage, #JustListed, and #Foreclosure.

Facebook is the most crucial multimedia platform. To boost engagement on Facebook, layer images or videos along with text. Keep in mind that video is a potent multimedia vehicle. It would be great if you can invest on a few that play you up while talking about the key selling points of your locale, for instance. You might also want to consider paid Facebook advertising. And when you do, always enter the correct target audience preferences.

Optimize on All Fronts

Your various social media accounts should carry the same level of care and precision evident in your website. You may have taken great pains to ensure that, at the minimum, the webpages load properly on mobile devices, the web copy is smartly composed, and that the overall design does not reflect the web design elements of the 1990s. This professional branding should also be consistent throughout your conduct across social media.

Profile and header images should be well thought out and polished. The header must contain an appropriate call to action such as a text overlay complete with your contact details. Catchy header image ideas could be a photo of your office or a property that you sold recently.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Engage with social media users, home buyers and sellers alike. Don’t just put out a series of URLs, hashtags, and photos all over the place. On Twitter, for example, consider retweeting relevant content in your area and then directly tweeting “thank you” to the original poster. Use the search function to find Twitter users in your area that are on the lookout for properties to rent or buy. Additionally, take time to join conversations centering on popular hashtags for real estate professionals.

The Bottom Line

Your social media accounts can muscle in much-needed traffic to your listings. Because the traffic that you want to generate is the type that converts into a sale, pay attention to the fact that the real estate market can be largely personality driven. So play up your most interesting angle and infuse it with sincerity, authenticity, and professionalism.