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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a very popular social media site that is designed to help professionals connect with each other. While it is an excellent way to build and maintain professional relationships, it can also be a great way to find a new job or career path. When you are looking to make a career move, you can either use the typical job search method or try to attract recruiters and HR professionals to your profile. There are several tips and methods that could be followed that will help you to stand out on LinkedIn.


Have a Completed Profile

The first tip to follow is to have a completed profile. Surprisingly, many users today have an incomplete profile that’s missing a lot of essential information. You should ensure that your profile has a current picture, lists all your jobs over the past ten years, your educational background, and has any other relevant information about your professional background.


Highlight Accomplishments

While many people are concerned about looking like they are bragging, it is important to use LinkedIn to highlight your accomplishments. Under each job that you’ve had in the past, you should highlight what your main tasks were and what you accomplished. Ideally, your accomplishments should be clear and statistic based. This could include discussing how much money you saved the company, how you compared to sales goals or anything else that will highlight what you have accomplished.


Build Your Network

When you are using LinkedIn, it’s also important that you build your online network. When you meet co-workers, clients or other industry professionals, it would be helpful to connect with them through the website. This will make you more visible to an infinite amount of more people and will make you appear to be more active in the industry by having a higher level of connections. You could also use your connections to be introduced to recruiters and HR professionals in the industry.


Be Active

When you are looking to stand out on LinkedIn, you also need to be sure that you are an active user. When you make a post, make a comment or simply like a post, you will then show up in other user feeds.  By simply doing this, you will continue to stay in a recruiter’s mind when a new position opens. This could make you one of the first calls that they make.


In conclusion, LinkedIn can be an excellent way to find a new job. When you are looking for a new job, these are some helpful tips and methods that can be followed to help you to stand out on LinkedIn.

Using Targeting to Accumulate Leads on Facebook

It’s become a recurring theme over the last couple years where marketers and brands complain that they feel Facebook is ineffective.

Eat24, a takeout and delivery company similar to Skip the Dishes, wrote a dramatic Dear John letter as to why their company had left Facebook.

While Facebook isn’t perfect, it is a powerful advertising platform. Here’s why you shouldn’t give up on it. Facebook’s ad platform works smoothly in a couple of ways where a business can attract new customers and generate more revenue. They do this by using Facebook retargeting, and targeting email subscribers.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to reach out to a prospective customer who had previously visited your website, but instead of making a purchase decided to hold off and exit. By using Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting you can use a tracking code on your website, giving you the ability to retarget those kinds of visitors with ads on Facebook. When they log into their Facebook and scroll through their feed, Facebook will know to show them an ad about a specific page previously visited on your website. This type of ad will drive them to a different landing page with information on the product they initially looked at, another strong call-to-action driving them to purchase, or even have them fill out a lead generation form. Having the ability to follow up by using a Facebook ad gives your company a leg up on closing a sale that otherwise may not have ever happened. 

You can even use Facebook retargeting ads for people who:

  • Have made a purchase through your website
  • Registered for an event or webinar through your website
  • Performed a specific search on your website

Targeting doesn’t stop there though; you can also target Facebook users subscribed to your email list. When you upload your email list, Facebook will match their user email to your data giving you the chance to target ads to those individuals. Here are the benefits to going that route:

  • Target email subscribers with Page Like ads
  • Target people who have an interest in your business, but haven’t liked your Facebook page
  • Target individuals who are ready for an upgrade

With all of that said, don’t forget that Facebook still has Custom Audience ad types that have filters that include:

  • Targeting based on the job title a user listed on their profile
  • Targeting based on employer
  • Targeting based on activity on Facebook
  • Target based on interests
  •  Life events
  •  General demographics like age groups, education level, income, languages spoken, etc.

If you wanted to target people subscribed to your email list between the age of 25-45, interested in fitness, living in Alberta, you totally can, and you’ll know without a doubt that those ads are reaching those specific people.

With all these options at your fingertips why would you ever want to give up on Facebook? Don’t ignore one of the most targeted, powerful and affordable advertising platforms in history. Need help with all of this? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Take a look at our Social Media Packages and contact us to start taking advantage of Facebook’s awesome targeting.