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  • 5-SEO-Tips-to-Perform-on-Your-Website-Today

    5 SEO Tips to Perform on Your Website Today

    Here are 5 actionable SEO tips you can perform on your website today! SEO is a passion here at SOS Media Corp, let us help you today!

  • 5-ways-Your-graphic-design-should-reflect-your-target-audience

    5 Ways our Graphic Design should reflect your Target Audience

    When choosing a color for your logo, brand or product, consider your target audience. Certain colors will appeal to certain audiences.

  • top-tips-to-generate-web-traffic

    Top Tips for Generating Website Traffic

    So, you have yourself a brand new, beautifully designed website? Congratulations! Are you finding yourself now sitting and waiting for hits to come through? Instead of twiddling your thumbs and hoping people will magically land on your website, there are a few key ingredients to generating traffic to your new site.

  • Why-use-an-Advertising-Agency

    Why use an Advertising Agency?

    To answer this question, you must first step back and take an objective look at your business. This is to truly determine if you have the team in place to build, and then execute, an effective marketing strategy.

  • landing-page-anatomy

    Essential Components of a Landing Page for High Conversion Rates

    The main goal of most websites is to generate sales of some nature; whether it be e-commerce or service sales. So how do you create action oriented engagement on your website that will create leads and generate conversions?

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