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  • Why Is Your Facebook Page So Important- (2)

    Why Is Your Facebook Page So Important?

    According to statistics, roughly 75% of adults on the internet interact with Facebook. If that number alone is not enough to make you … Read More

  • Toggle Between Accounts on Instagram

    Instagram Toggling… About Time!

    On February 8th, Instagram announced that we will now be able to switch between multiple accounts! As social media managers, … Read More

  • Get Giphy With It

    Get Giphy With It

    Have you heard of Giphy before? It’s a website where you can search up GIFs of all types; that is, … Read More

  • Hilarious #RejectedTeamBuilding Tweets

    Hilarious #RejectedTeamBuilding Tweets

    This is what happens when #RejectedTeamBuilding trends on Twitter…

  • Monkey Around With Media in 2016-thumbnail

    Monkey Around With Media in 2016

    Monkeys are quick thinking, human-like, have great flexibility, and are great leaders. That’s why we want you to monkey around in 2016.

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