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  • Google Partner

    Google Partner Status

    SOS Media Corp is proud to be a Google Partner! It is our passion to help businesses, big or small, succeed in a world saturated with content and advertisements!

  • Rest in Peace Chronological Timelines

    Rest in Peace: Chronological Timelines

    Facebook implemented their algorithm years ago, with Twitter and Instagram recently following suit in eliminating the familiar, chronological timeline.

  • iMedia 2016 Social Media Conference

    iMedia Social Media Conference 2016

    The SOS Media Corp team attended the iMedia Conference March 11 & 12 and wants to share their experience with you!

  • Customize Your Facebook Reactions

    Customize Your Facebook Reactions

    We are sure most, if not all of us, have seen that Facebook rolled out the new Reactions feature. Instead of … Read More

  • What Damn Daniel Can Teach Us About Virality

    What #DamnDaniel Can Teach Us About Virality

    Let’s just start by saying that our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard this weekend. No, it’s not because of … Read More

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