5 Crucial Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

5 Crucial Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

5 Crucial Web Design Mistakes to Avoid


Are you contemplating hiring a web designer to revitalize your current website? Or are you planning a new website and want to hire a talented creative who can lead design? If you want a website with a high conversion rate, it is crucial your designer follows a few basic rules of good design. If any of the following five faux pas are present when you are offered a prospective design, you might want to question whether you have hired a designer or a dud.

Navigation No-No

If your web designer offers a clutter navigation interface on your website, you should probably question the rest of their design advice. Today’s internet user wants websites that are easy to navigate without too many bells and whistles. If specific elements are essential to the design, consider incorporating them into your sitemap. Just as hamburger menus are out of style, so is an overly complicated navigation structure.

Colour Overload

Unless you want your site visitors to be reminded of the psychedelic seventies, avoid colour overload on your website. Opt for either a monochromatic colour scheme or a maximum of three colours (two is best). Visitors to your site shouldn’t be visually assaulted by a plethora of colours. As with most web design principles, the KISS methodology applies (keep it simple stupid).

Content Overload

Display only essential content on your website’s homepage. An explanation of what your business offers, a clear call-to-action, and minimal text is best. Don’t overload your homepage with multiple videos, images, and blocks of text. Site visitors can find the information they seek if your navigation is clear; you don’t need to cram everything on the first page of your site.

Font Faux Pas

If your designer creates your website using Comic Sans or Papyrus font, you might want to look elsewhere for a reputable designer. Old-fashioned fonts on a modern website are a definite no-no. With so many exquisite fonts now available, there is no reason to settle for funky fonts.


White text on a dark background is extremely hard to read. From those with vision problems to readers viewing your site in bright sunlight, a black or navy blue background on your website is going to be reason enough to back away from your site. With so many other easy-to-view options available, why would you want to send site visitors scurrying in the opposite direction by choosing a dark background and light text?

If any of the above-listed issues are present on a site design your web designer offers you, you may need to reconsider who you have hired to develop your website. Avoid facing these issues by clearly defining what you don’t want in advance (you might even save a little cash in the process). A talented web designer isn’t a mind reader, but there are basic principles of good design they should be familiar with. Will you be mentioning these web design mistakes to your designer the next time your site needs a facelift?

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