4 Ways Your Website is Turning Away Potential Customers

4 Ways Your Website is Turning Away Potential Customers

4 Ways Your Website is Turning Away Potential Customers

There are millions of terrible websites out there, make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Having a website is crucial in this digital age. The first place your customers will look for you is online. However, if your site doesn’t offer them what they’re looking for they’ll click the back button and try someone else. Here are four things that will turn people away from your website.

1. Slow load times

We live in a fast-paced world. People don’t have the time or the patience to wait for your site to load. The majority of users expect a page to load within 2 seconds — or less! If they wait too long for a page to load, they’ll abandon it.

2. Poor / hard to find content

When someone lands on your site, generally they are looking for information. This information needs to easily accessible and clearly presented. Additionally, search engines analyze your website, searching for content. If your content is poorly written, lacking in substance — or worse, plagiarized — you will be penalized, and it will be harder for viewers to find you. Content is still king, and if your site doesn’t do content well, it won’t convert well either.

3. Not capturing user information

This doesn’t necessarily turn viewers away, but it does mean that once they’re gone — they stay gone. Very rarely will a user return to a site on their own, so in order to get them back, you have to spend countless dollars on remarketing campaigns. All that could have been avoided by simply offering a homepage opt-in that appeals to your customers (ie. a discount, giveaway, etc.)

4. Using a free website builder/ poorly designed site

Free website builders offer ease of use for building your site — you can even create some pretty attractive ones. However, you have to be careful! These sites often add in extra lines of code which can drastically slow down your site. Additionally, having a website that isn’t attractive or responsive can drive people away. Your website needs to look good on any device. While your content is essential, it is also important that it is laid out in such a way that people actually want to look at it.

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